C-Suite Executives International Conference

  • Connect your company with great minds and new ideas.
  • Break the elements that hold business performance back during the pandemic.
  • Transform your company with new strategies.

Our C-Suite Executives International Conference is all about Opportunity.Breakthrough.Prosperity.


No matter how grave a crisis is, it always has a silver lining. History confirms that adversities induce transformations & developments. Our International Conference creates a platform for industry experts across the world, to talk about identifying opportunities in adversities and take advantage of them.


We at Dhunicorn believe that innovation is the key to achieve business breakthroughs. Navigating a crisis like the Global Pandemic calls for innovative ideas. In this platform, experts from different parts of the world will share their innovative ideas and experience to pivot businesses & win in these critical times.


Businesses that thrive during the tough times have business leaders as towers of strength, developing winning strategies to grow their companies and achieve success. At our C-Suite Executives International Conference, expert speakers will proffer excellent strategies, advice, recommendations & tips for gaining business Prosperity & Success

Keynote Speakers

Professor Dr. Markus Brueckner

Professor, Research School of Economics of the Australian National University


The Topic of Presentation: 

“Fiscal Consolidations and Economic Growth”

Professor Dr. Markus Brueckner’s Bio

His research interests are in the fields of macroeconomics, economic growth & development, international economics, and political economy which have been featured in Bloomberg, Financial Times, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and The Economist.

He has published widely in leading international journals and regularly acts as a referee in the peer-review process of these journals.

In RePEc (Research Papers in Economics) he has been consistently ranked among the top 5 authors worldwide in the 2010 Ph.D. cohort during the past 5 years.

As a member of a team put together by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in a joint project with the IMF, he gave lectures on the macroeconomic management of natural resources at the Africa Training Institute in Mauritius.

He has been engaged in numerous consulting projects for the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

Engaged with Australia’s Commonwealth Departments, he was a Macroeconomic Advisor in the Macroeconomic Modelling and Policy Division of the Australian Treasury.

He won one of Australia’s most prestigious prizes in economics – The 2020 Young Economist Award from the Economic Society of Australia (ESA).

Professor Dr. Hishan S Sanil

Researcher, Senior Lecturer of University of Technology Malaysia (UTM) & Industrial Engineer.


The Topic of Presentation:

“Post-COVID 19 Tourism: Will Digital Tourism Replace Mass Tourism?”

Professor Dr. Hishan S Sanil’s Bio

He has over 10 years of industry experience in the field of Marketing, Industrial Engineering, and handling CSR programs in manufacturing.

He has a strong technical background with a proven track record in developing technical standards, ensuring production planning & solving quality issues.

He has great expertise & experience in the formulation of sourcing strategies and vendor identification/development and analytical assessment, assessment of the performance of the suppliers/vendors based on various criterions such as percentage for rejections, quality improvement rate, timely delivery, credit terms, packaging compliance, & responsiveness in issue resolution.

He also has significant expertise in product costing and order reconciliation.

Being an expert in managing research projects he has authored numerous publications in different reputed international journals.

He was the second runner-up in the 3 Minutes thesis competition, 2017 at the faculty of Management UTM, Malaysia

Professor Dr. Vincenzo Della Sala     

Full professor, Department of Sociology and social research, University of Trento


The Topic of Presentation:

“Political Risk in a Post-Covid World”

Professor Dr. Vincenzo Della Sala’s Bio

He is a professor of political science, with an emphasis on comparative politics and EU studies at the University of Trento.

He holds DPhil in Politics from the University of Oxford.

Professor Dr. Vincent Della Sala is the current Jean Monnet Chair of Politics Without a Centre.

He is coordinator of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence for the Geopolitics of Greater Eurasia.

He is the Director of the Jean Monnet Centre at the University of Trento and former holder of Jean Monnet Chair in Narratives for a New Europe.

He has published numerous articles in journals including West European Politics and Journal of Common Market Studies and Governance.

Some of his recent publications have included editing a special issue of Europe-Asia Studies and articles that have explored relations between the EU and Russia.

Professor Dr. Marcos Cajina Heinzkill    

Executive Coach & Facilitator, Founder and President, Renewal®, Spain


The Topic of Presentation:

“Leadership Convergence: Thriving in an Age of Uncertainty”

Professor Dr. Marcos Cajina Heinzkill’s Bio

He is the founder and president of Renewal®, an international network provider of customized leadership learning services that applies human science to leadership transformation.

He holds Ed.D. in Transformational Leadership (Hons) from Insight University, NM, USA.

He is an eight-time recipient of the Teaching Excellence Award at the IE-Business School.

He is a core member of the Center for Creative Leadership/Wharton team, Univ. Pennsylvania, that earned the prestigious Excellence in Practice Award by the European Foundation for Management Development.

His workshop on Self-Compassion in Business was awarded at the Spirituality and Creativity Management World Congress in 2015 at ESADE Business School, Barcelona, Spain.


Certified Professional Facilitator by the International Association of Facilitation, USA and Board-Certified Coach by the Center for Credentialing & Education, USA

Certified Master Coach and Trainer in MultiBrain Integration

Certified Trainer & Mentor/Coach by HeartMath Institute in building executive resilience


Professor Dr. Ranjitha Ajay  

Assistant Professor, Great Lakes Institute of Management, India.


The Topic of Presentation:

“Investment decision and Leverage: Impact of Economic Policy Uncertainty”

Professor Dr. Ranjitha Ajay’s Bio

 Professor Dr. Ranjitha Ajay is currently an Assistant professor in the area of finance.

She holds a Ph.D. in Management specializing in Finance from the Department of Management Studies, DoMS, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras.

Her main research interest is in the area of corporate finance, financial reporting quality, corporate governance, and the corporate bond market.

She is the recipient of Half Time Teaching/Research Assistantship (HTRA) from MHRD for the MS and Ph.D. program at IIT Madras.

She received a Highly Commendable Paper Award for the paper titled “Diversification strategy and capital structure decisions of manufacturing firms in India” at the conference on “Global Strategies for an Emergent India” organized by IIM Kozhikode, Kerala in 2012.

She also received Second Outstanding Paper Award for the paper titled “Institutional ownership and earnings management in India” at the conference on “Corporate governance and growth of capital markets” organized by the Indian Institute of Capital Markets, Mumbai in 2014.

We cordially invite Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officers, Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Technology Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Chief Compliance Officers, Head of Departments, entrepreneurs, business owners, and others who intend to improve their knowledge and wisdom in business.

Date: 22, July 2021. 

Time: 1 PM GMT + 0.