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India Sales Channel Development Pack

Are you looking for the Right 1 or 1000 Indian Distributors, Importers, Resellers, Business Representatives, Wholesalers, Retailers, Franchisees or Business Partners? Let us find them for you!

Let our India Sales Channel Development Service Team assist you to find the Right Channels, People, Resources, Strategies & Methods to tap into this fast growing vast India market.

Our business specialists and business resources are able to help you to find the best approaches to tap into this 1.3 billion population market base on your business objectives, business positioning, financial status and other considerations.

What is your mode of entry and sales channel? We can consider the following:

  • Direct Investment
  • Strategic Partnership
  • Exclusive Distributorship
  • General Distributorship
  • Master Franchisee
  • Wholesaler
  • Direct/Internet
  • Direct/Catalog
  • Direct/Sales Team
  • Value-Added Reseller
  • Consultant
  • Dealer
  • Retail
  • Other

How can we help your company? Our India Sales Channel Development Pack will depends on the following factors:

  • Financial Budget
  • Nature of Product
  • Nature of Market
  • Size of Business
  • Sales Target
  • Cost of Channel
  • Marketing Environment
  • Competition & Competitors
  • Customer Characteristics
  • Nature of Middlemen
  • Distribution Intensity
  • Time of Distribution
  • Government Policy
  • Regulatory & Compliance Factors
  • Legal Restrictions
  • Economic Factors
  • Financial Position
  • Facilities Available
  • Other Factors

Please contact us to find out more information about how we can help you to gain the best rewards from India market.