Global Business Excellence Summit

27 November – 3 December 2024

Shaping the Future of Success

In an ever-evolving landscape of consumer trends, emerging technologies, and market dynamics, companies need to remain updated. At Dhunicorn, we address this need by hosting an exclusive conference that facilitates direct engagement with esteemed global industry experts. Our goal is to equip you with proficient insights into the most recent trends in business, markets, and technology, transforming these trends into advantageous prospects.

We are excited to invite you to the upcoming Global Business Excellence Summit (GBES) 2023, an unmatched event that stands as an ideal example of Innovation, Inspiration, and Interconnection for entrepreneurs and companies worldwide.

What is GBES?

The Global Business Excellence Summit (GBES) is a premier annual event that nurtures knowledge sharing, collaboration, and growth among global companies. With a legacy of delivering invaluable insights and fostering connections, GBES serves as a hub for the exchange of emerging trends, groundbreaking ideas, and strategies that empower companies to thrive in an ever-evolving corporate landscape.

Why GBES Matters?

Building on the resounding success of our previous conferences, GBES continues to be an ultimate conference for researchers, visionaries, educators, and business leaders to explore the most emerging themes such as:

Innovative Insights

  • GBES offers access to cutting-edge strategies, emerging technologies, and the newest innovations shaping the future of business excellence.
  • Attendees engage in thought-provoking discussions led by a lineup of handpicked speakers, including industry experts, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders.
  • Each session at GBES serves as a wellspring of innovative insights, providing attendees with valuable takeaways and forward-looking perspectives.

Networking Powerhouse

  • GBES isn’t just a conference; it’s a dynamic community fostering connections and collaborations.
  • Attendees have the opportunity to connect with like-minded peers, potential partners, and influential figures in the industry.
  • The relationships formed at GBES have the potential to propel businesses to new heights by leveraging the power of networking.

Professional Development

  • The conference covers a wide range of topics, from branding to data management, addressing challenges and equipping participants with tools for lasting success.
  • Learning experiences are tailored to provide attendees with practical takeaways that contribute to sustainable professional growth.

Inspiration Unleashed

  • GBES’s presentations go beyond information-sharing; they aim to inspire. Speakers share stories of resilience, innovation, and triumph over adversity.
  • Attendees leave the conference with their entrepreneurial spirit ignited, motivated by real-world success stories shared by accomplished individuals.

Global Perspective

  • The diverse audience provides a unique opportunity to gain insights into different markets, cultures, and business practices.
  • Attendees gain a comprehensive global perspective, contributing to a deeper understanding of what it takes to achieve excellence on an international scale.

Meet Our Speakers

Professor Amiruddin Ahamat

Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka, Malaysia

Professor Rawia Ahmed

Zayed University, Dubai

Professor Diya Guha Roy

Goa Institute of Management, India

Dr. Kalpana Ambepitiya

General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University, Sri Lanka

Professor Niva Bhandari

Management Development Institute, India.

Dr. MD Moniruzzaman

Information Systems, California State University (Long Beach), USA

Professor Mahalakshmi. T.N

Great Lakes Institute of Management, India

Professor Joy Chowdhury

Goa Institute of Management, India

Professor Julius Nyiawung

Maynooth University, Ireland

Professor Sachin Modgil

International Management Institute, Kolkata, India

Professor Shumi Akhtar

The University of Sydney Business School, Australia

Professor Gajavelli V S

Institute of Management Technology, Nagpur, India

Professor Soni Agrawal

International Management Institute, Kolkata, India

Dr. Karen Sutherland

University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia

Professor Faisal Ahmed

FORE School of Management, New Delhi, India

Professor Arunaditya Sahay

Birla Institute of Management Technology, India

Dr. James Juniper

Newcastle Business School (Economics), Australia

Professor Yavuz Keceli

Alfred University's College of Business, USA

Prof. MD. Mamun Habib, PhD, FCILT, SMIEEE

School of Business & Entrepreneurship (SBE), Independent University, Bangladesh

Professor Lin Woon Leong

School of Management & Marketing, Taylor's University Malaysia

Join us in this extraordinary endeavor to unlock the potential of your business and redefine what’s possible. 

See you at the Global Business Excellence Summit 2023!

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